SEEDS in Louisiana

Spring Break 2012

Cheleah Jackson

Gallons of coffee, tons of iTunes playlist, multiple restroom stops, and a ridiculous amount of laughter later… and we are finally in Louisiana. We left the Univ. of Richmond at 4:00pm on yesterday, and arrived in Doulac, Louisiana, home of the Houma Nation, at 11:30am today. The leadership team shared the drivers seat as we traveled through the night. As we arrived, greeted by the smell of seafood, and the tugboats floating in the water, we jumped out of the vans, stretched our limbs, and were greeted by nearly 10 residents just wanting to welcome us to their neighborhood. We are home; at least it feels that way.

After unpacking our things, and taking a few moments to rest, we began our orientation, received our journals for the week, and played some energizing icebreakers.  I can tell that this is going to be such an amazing trip. We have high expectations for this week, knowing that the positive impact will be reciprocal between the communities we work with, and SEEDS team. We look forward to working alongside members of the community, and learning what it means to serve, while learning about the beautiful culture that is Houma…that is the Lower 9th Ward…that is Louisiana.


Documentary made by our very own Josh Grice.

Let’s go down to the bayou.  Down in New Orleans Louisiana, students experienced stories of hardship of the bayou and the conflicting oil spill and natural disasters that devastated the community.  In the process, they were also instilled with hope and a charge to facilitate social justice.  From the Houma tribe of Dulac, to Camp Restore down in St. Bernard’s parish, students carried on what is now annual SEEDS location tradition, building upon the restoration efforts that UR continues to invest in year after year.


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