Leadership Team 2018-2019

VictoriaHello everyone! My name is Victoria, and I’m a senior here at the University of Richmond, originally from Severn, Maryland. I’m majoring in Environmental Studies with a Bachelor of Science and minoring in Anthropology. I first started with SEEDS my freshman year when I went on the West Virginia trip. That year I was introduced to amazing people who all desired to learn and grow with each other, while we spent time learning about how social and environmental justice is interrelated with community values which provoked most of our original ways of thought. After a life changing experience my first year, I have been fortunate enough to experience the other two SEEDS trips, Michigan, Louisiana, as leadership and now I will have the opportunity to serve as the President for The SEEDS Project. I hope I can continue the many years of service, reflection, dialogue and growth that SEEDS has fostered in the past 13 years. Beyond SEEDS, you’ll find me participating as a Bonner Scholar and a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated. I also enjoy SCUBA diving, hiking, and traveling!

SEED10Well hey there, y’all! Anna Cheng, delighted to make your acquaintance. I hail from sunny Arizona, but I began to exist 19 years ago in a little city known as Beijing. Last year, I partnered with SEEDS for the first time and journeyed through Detroit, Michigan, which became one of the most awakening and invigorating weeks of my year. I’m back at it again this year as SEEDS’ Splendid Spender, AKA Finance Chair. The SEEDS project has significantly informed my intention to major in Geography, which I’m now aiming for along with my Biology major. I love to meet new friends, so if you see me on campus please drop by and we’ll get a cup of tea – but be ready for me to ask you an abundance of questions, bug you into joining SEEDS, and connive you into adopting a succulent or two 🙂

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Hello all! My name is Brooke, and I’m a senior here at Richmond. I’m majoring in Leadership and Business. I first fell in love with SEEDS my sophmore year because it’s not just a service trip; you have the opportunity to get to know community members, learn about the social justice and environmental issues faced by residents in the region, and reflect on your experience in an open-minded environment. I’ve been on both the Louisiana and West Virginia trip, and both years I’ve walked away with wonderful memories and friendships. I am super excited to be co-leading the West Virginia trip for the 2018-2019 school year!


Hi everyone! My name is Niamh Sutherburg and I’m a senior from Canton, Massachusetts, studying biology and healthcare studies. I joined SEEDS my sophomore year and have loved getting to know the communities I visited, learning from those we served and meeting tons of amazing people along the way. I have had eye-opening experiences in both New Orleans and Detroit and am super excited to head back to Detroit this spring as a trip chair! Other than SEEDS, I’m involved with the club volleyball team at UR, Best Buddies, and UREMS. I’m looking forward to meeting new seedlings and hope to see you around campus and in Detroit!

SEED3Hi everyone! My name’s Jared Waksman and I’m from Madison, New Jersey. I’m a senior majoring in Business Administration with a Finance Concentration and a Physics Minor. I am involved on campus as an Admission Intern, Tour Guide, 8:15 Cafe Barista, Spiders for Spiders Facilitator, Peer Sexual Misconduct Advisor, Greek Life, and of course SEEDS! I am so excited to be a co-chair for the Louisiana Trip this year with Lydia for my third SEEDS trip! In the past two years I have gone on the Louisiana and Michigan trips, and I am so excited to keep coming back to the organization that has helped me to grow so much. I love the SEEDS community and being continually challenged with deep conversation, engaging with so many fascinating people, and analyzing the complex issues that each of these communities are facing.

SEED4Hey all y’all! I’m Lydia, and I am a senior from Signal Mountain, Tennessee, double majoring in Leadership Studies and English. I became a SEEDling my sophomore year when I attended the West Virginia trip with a fantastic, knowledgeable, and caring group of fellow UR students. I loved my experience there SO MUCH that I applied for a spot on the SEEDSership team for my junior year. To my great joy, I was able to return to West Virginia this past semester as a co-chair and lead a new group of amazing SEEDlings. The organization is near and dear to my heart with its powerful and important mission to engage students in not just service but relevant and significant dialogue about service to better understand the complexities of American society and gain new perspectives on current issues. I am thrilled to now be continuing my journey with the SEEDS project as the co-chair for the 2019 spring break trip to Louisiana. If you want to talk about SEEDS (or anything else), you may find me rock climbing, dog walking, or nestled into a corner with a novel (rocks, dogs, and books, oh my!). Besides serving on SEEDSership, I am the HR for Lakeview, the co-president for climbing club, a member of Jepson Corps, and I am involved in Young Life, BARK club, UR Sustainability and HOPE church’s kids/student ministries!

SEED7Hello everyone! My name is Hunter Moyler and I am a senior from Chesapeake, Virginia, majoring in English and Journalism. I have deep ancestral roots in Appalachia and passions for sustainability, which make me thrilled to be the 2019 West Virginia trip co-chair! I cannot wait to meet the new SEEDlings!



SEED11Hey everyone! My name is Bryan Carapucci and I’m a Junior from Broomall, PA double majoring in Chinese Studies and History. I joined SEEDS last year for the Louisiana trip and can genuinely say that I came away from it filled with all kinds of different perspectives and realized how rewarding SEEDS can be. I was incredibly fortunate to have such amazing leadership and was inspired and encouraged by them to try it out for myself as 2018-19 Fundraising Co-Chair. I realized that, no matter where you go and no matter who you’re with, SEEDS teaches you what service is all about. On campus, I’m also involved in LTLT ESL tutoring, Student Conduct Council, and my job as Budget and Finance Officer at the Center for Student Involvement. I’ll be abroad this Fall in Taiwan, but I look forward to meeting you all when I’m back in the Spring!

SEED1Hey guys, how’s it going! My name is Will and I’m a sophomore with an intended major in Leadership Studies with minors in sociology and women, gender & sexuality studies. If I can find a way to make it work, I may also tack on creative writing or English. After traveling back to my home state of Louisiana last year, learning about how coastal erosion, rising sea levels, and the threat of the Mississippi River impact the Houma tribe and the people of New Orleans, I moved forward with my application to join the SEEDS Leadership team as the Detroit Trip Co-Chair. As a part of the team, I hope to continue promoting SEEDS while learning more about the social issues that impact other regions of the country while cultivating a space that is diverse in culture, conversation, and change.

SEED5Hi friends! My name is Callie Cinque and I’m a junior from the wonderful expanses of New Hampshire majoring in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology with a concentration in Neuroscience and a minor in Psychology. I am extremely excited to continue with my SEEDS Journey as reflection chair for the upcoming year. After two years with SEEDS, it continues to impact my growth in positive ways and challenge perceptions. There’s nothing I love more than watching others continue on this same journey, so if you’re reading this and want to apply. Do it! Aside from a great love for this organization, I can be found playing volleyball, rowing on the James, sitting in a lab, or baking plenty of cookies.

SEED6Hi everyone! My name is Lauren Scheffey, and I am a junior here at U of R, originally from Bucks County, Pennsylvania. I am studying Political Science with a minor in Geography. During spring break of my freshman year I traveled with SEEDS to Michigan and immediately fell in love with the organization and its mission, and I couldn’t be more excited to return to SEEDSership this year as Education Chair! One of my favorite things about The SEEDS Project is the way it brings together such a diverse group of students who might not otherwise have crossed paths and provides the opportunity to learn from people whose perspectives are different from your own. This fall I will be studying abroad in Kenya, so I will not be on campus, but I’m excited to serve on SEEDSership and meet all of you wonderful SEEDlings in the spring!

SEED9Hi everyone! My name is Olivia Diaz and I am a sophomore from Fairfield, Connecticut. Right now, I am aggressively undecided but plan on perhaps double majoring in International Studies and Journalism. Outside of SEEDS I am a part of UR Players, am a Speech Consultant, and am a RA! Last semester I was most fortunate to attend the SEEDS trip to Louisiana, for it truly changed my experience as a student at UR. There is nothing more fulfilling than the service I have done with the SEEDS community; it changed my life. I am so excited to be Recruitment Chair so I can watch SEEDS make an impact on people the way it made an impact on myself. I can’t wait to see new SEEDlings this upcoming year 🙂


Hello! My name is Arya and I’m the Fall Break Engagement chair! I’m currently a junior studying Biology and Healthcare Studies. I plan on studying abroad this upcoming spring so that’s why I think this position is perfect for me! I became a part of the SEEDS Project my freshmen year and I’ve absolutely loved every second of it. I can’t wait to finally take a leadership role in an organization that has made me such a better person. Go SEEDS!!



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