Rock Out With Your Chalk Out

Rock Out WIth Your Chalk Out

The SEEDS Project is hosting an end of the year gathering to celebrate the many ways that students, faculty, and staff in our community are working to create social change. We are inviting everyone and anyone to come chalk the Forum, sharing about their service experiences, their thoughts on community, and what kinds of social change they would like to see in the world. Our vision is that the entire forum will be covered with chalk art, quotes, poetry, doodles- you name it- about service and activism that people in our community are committed to.
This event, which we are calling Rock Out With Your Chalk Out will be Monday, April 15 from 5:00-7:00PM on the Forum. The SEEDS Project will be serving delicious food, mixing awesome music, and sharing experiences from our 2013 trips to the Gulf Region and Appalachia. We can’t wait to share what we love about SEEDS, and are excited to celebrate the many intentional ways that students are working towards social change too. Come grab a bite to eat, create your own public chalk art for social change, and enjoy great conversation about the many awesome ways that people in our community are working for social justice. We will have plenty of chalk to share, but if you can bring some of your own chalk too, we sure would appreciate it!

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