UR Growing: Fresh, Inspired, and Grateful Service Learning at the University of Richmond

Hello and welcome to the official website and blog of the University of Richmond SEEDS Project!  This website will be our hot spot for updates, photos, news articles, and general ramblings of the SEEDS website editor (that’s me: Ali O’Keeffe- UR senior) and the rest of the SEEDS team, who will all introduce themselves through this website in some form or function.  We are so excited to share our service work and discussions with the rest of the University of Richmond and city of Richmond communities, and we are thankful that you are taking the time to check us out.

SEEDS began as a group with a simple mission: bring some semblance of order and understanding to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina hit the city and placed an unbalanced burden on the poor.  Over the past 6 years, the group has evolved through several different names, missions, and forms of organization- and has grown a little more each year.  Now, we have a bigger group, bigger goals, and a bigger service area.  We hope to use this website as a tool to bring discussion on social justice and community engagement back to campus as we tackle issues such as:

–       the health implications of government policies, natural disasters, and economic growth

–       the driving forces behind government welfare and social organization policies

–       the interactions between race, racism, and poverty in one of the most rich and diverse cities in the country

–       The environmental ramifications of coal mining and the debate between the “We love Mountains” and “We love Coal” debates.

We are a really fun group who also happen to be a little nerdy and social justice-oriented, and we would love to share our experiences and trips with you and learn from your experiences at the same time.  We will start accepting applications for the 2012 team within a few weeks, but please check the blog for information, pictures, and other cool stuff (news articles etc) regularly.

Thanks for stopping by and we look forward to hearing more from you!


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